Design and process engineering

Besides the development of its own products, the Department of Development and Technology of the Sheet Metal Processing Division collaborates on optimizing the design and processes for products of external customers, contributing significantly to their efficiency.

Product design

  • New product design
  • Functionality verification
  • Close cooperation with the customer


  • Creation of plans
  • Making of technical documentation
  • Optimal programming in TruPunch, TruLaser, TruBend


  •  Sampling
  • Customer’s remarks
  • Approval by the customer
  • Serial production

The activities themselves are needed to develop new or optimize older products. Digitization of the design in all stages from the prototype to the production processes also simplifies communication with the customer.

The competencies of the Department of Development and Technology are supported by the use of progressive engineering techniques (DFM, DFA) and optimal programming for production.


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