General delivery terms

  1. These general delivery terms are integral to each Sale Contract agreed and signed between Seller and Buyer.
  2. Contract comes into force when (i) it is signed by authorized representatives of both parties or, (ii) Order Confirmation was sent to Buyer. 
  3. By this contract Seller is obliged to supply Buyer with agreed goods and related to it documents.
  4. The goods remains in the property of Seller till the goods is not fully paid by Buyer.
  5. Liability for damage passes from Seller to Buyer in the moment of handing over of goods to Buyer or to the first forwarder in the place of goods despatch.
  6. Freight costs are not included in the goods price. Unless otherwise agreed, way of transport is selected by Seller. In case when transportation is arranged by Seller, Buyer is invoiced for freight costs.
  7. Unless otherwise agreed goods are supplied in standard packaging.
  8. The goods supplied by Seller are provided with warranty period of 24 months from the moment of its handing over to Buyer or to the first forwarder, if not otherwise agreed.
  9. Claims of the Products must be executed in written form (Act of claim), and must be sent to the Seller. Act of claim must contain following information: name of product, its type, serial number, short descritpion of the defect of the product and the name and surname of the technician who examined faulty product.
  10. Seller is entitled to invoice Buyer for supplied goods after the moment of handing over of goods to Buyer or to the first forwarder.
  11. Invoices sent to Buyer have to be paid in period of time stipulated in invoice as a due date. In case of delay with Buyer’s payment Seller shall effect the penalties for delay in payment at the rate of 0.05% for the first 30 days, 0.08% for the next 30 days and 0.12% for the further day of delay, but the total amount of the penalties is not to exceed 10% of the value of the goods delayed with payment.
  12. Buyer is obliged to provide end user with comprehensive services related to the product (consultancy, installation, training of the personnel, sale and after sale service, in case of medical devices – feedback collecting and cooperation in case of adverse events - vigillance).
  13. As per agreement both parties can cancel this sale contract under condition of penalty payment to the other party – 20% of amount of goods that’s related to such cancellation.
  14. Seller is obliged to carry out the supply of related to this contract goods in case when Buyer has paid all his previous to this supply obligations.
  15. For the delay in the delivery or lack in the delivery the Seller is obliged to pay to the Buyer penalty in the rate of 0.05% for the first 30 days, 0.08% for the next 30 days and 0.12% for the further day of delay, but the total amount of the penalties is not to exceed 10% of the value of the goods delayed with shipment.
  16. In case when goods are not taken over by Buyer in 5 working days after date listed as „Delivery“ in this contract then Buyer is obliged to pay Seller storage charge – 0.1% from amount of not on time taken over goods per day during whole period when Seller is forced to stock the goods.
  17. In case when Buyer’s company is about to desolute, to divide, to merge or to wind up with or without liquidation Buyer is obliged to inform Seller about the name and adress of legal representative, that has taken over or will take over obligations resulting from this contract or to inform about the name and adress of liquidator. In case when Buyer doesn’t meet this obligation Buyer is obliged to reimburse lost and damages that may arise.
  18. The Buyer is obliged to inform the Seller about his VAT number in case when he is registered as VAT tax payer. Seller is not responsible for any consequences caused by not providing Seller with VAT number by Buyer or providing Seller with incorrect VAT number.
  19. Relationships and issues not stipulated in this contract are ruled in compliance with Slovak law. All disputes arising out of this contract or related to its violation, termination or nullity shall be finally settled by the Court of Arbitration of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bratislava in conformity with its internal rules and regulations.
  20. All addendums and amendments of this Contract are valid if written and signed by the authorized representatives of both Parties.
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