Locksmith work

Self-locking press screws, nuts, posts and spacers, rivet nuts, shaped threads, distance spacers, center welding of bolts and grounding elements directly to the sheet metal significantly increase efficiency and simplify the use of thin sheet metal products from a thickness of 0.5 mm.

These technologies in the equipment of the locksmith workshop and the experience of our employees enable us to create complex parts with high construction value.

  • Material separation
  • Pressing of connecting elements (LEA-50)
  • Point discharge welding
  • Thread cutting and forming

Material separation

Especially in the individual production of samples or simple products, it is advantageous to use speed and accuracy of the SAFAN dividing shears. Intuitive control via touch screen contributes to their flexible use.


Safan HT 310 GTS

  • Size of the processed sheet: 1500 x 3000 mm
  • Thickness of the processed sheet: 10 mm


The combined deburring machine Lissmac ensures the edges of sheets without burrs and sharp edges of punched and cut parts.


Lissmac SBM-L 1000

  • Deburring of a 1000 mm wide workpiece
  • Double-sided deburring and rounding of edges in one pass through the machine
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