Bending turns a straight sheet metal into a three-dimensional component. We use a series of TRUMPF press brakes. The advantages of this technology are accuracy, intuitive operation and a wide range of tools, which allows bending of complex-shaped products. It allows us to produce even products of complex forms. This technology ensures high productivity and repeatable production.

  • Optimal combination of press brakes allows bending both larger and smaller products
  • The equipment of the machines increases the accuracy, complexity and quality of the final product

Bending machines

TruBend 5085SX

A new-line machine equipped with the 6-axis stop system and innovative technological equipment for demanding applications with high accuracy and variability.

  • Bending length: 2230 mm
  • Increased stroke: 380 mm
  • 6-axis stop system

TruBend 5130SX

TRUMPF production machine with optimal price-performance ratio for effective production in high quality.

  • Bending length: 3000 mm

Trubend 7036

Electric press brake for small and medium-sized parts of complex forms. Thanks to its speed, it achieves high operational productivity.

  • Bending length: 1020 mm
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