Production program


Since its foundation, the company has been focused on the development and production of oil-free compressors for medical field, in particular for dental sets, respiratory and narcotisation equipments, as well as aspiration systems for dental practice.

The basis of product line is oil-free dental compressors, dental aspirators and accessories for them. Our compressors are used as a source of clean compressed air in dental outpatients and laboratories for small and medium-sized central systems for air distribution.

Self-lubricating piston rings made of Teflon, medically sound components, internal surface of air chambers covered with a protective layer, automatic dryers together with filtration units are the guarantee of a high quality of air supplied by our compressors.  Thanks to a low noise level and their oil-free style our technology is based on our products respect also the environment protection requirements.

With the production of almost 10 thousand originally designed, silent and reliable compressors a year Ekom spol. s r.o. pertain to important producers in its branch and this agrees also with its dominant position on market in various countries of Europe, Asia as well as overseas.  Approximately 96 % of company production is intended for export.

The production program in Compressor Division is composed of:

  • Dental compressors for dental outpatients and laboratories,
  • Medical compressors intended for respiratory equipment,
  • Compressors for industrial application,
  • Dental aspirators, and
  • Filtration units and air dryers.
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Thanks to the extension of production and the purchase of CNC technologies for sheet metal processing, a new division of Ekom has been established in 2000. The technological devices in this division belong to the world top in a sheet metal processing sector.  

The production program of Pressing Plant Division is focused on the production of welded and assembled data and telecommunication distributors and their accessories, customer components for various equipments and housing for the compressor production itself. It came to further enlargement of production premises in 2006. At the same time they were enlarged by surface treatment technology. The pressing plant production makes around 20 per cent of total volume of company production.