Our mission

  1. production of environmentally friendly products
  2. long-term prosperity and sustainable growth of the company and our partners
  3. stable supportive environment for our employees and their families

Our values

“The concord of human talent, technology and innovation is essential for the successful development and growth of our company.”

Ing. V. Bátora
Technical director


EKOM emphasizes teamwork, fellowship and social responsibility.

Our team of people fused together by years of cooperation and shared experience is our company’s greatest asset.
We facilitate the professional growth of our employees, create a pleasant working climate, as well as providing a wide range of social and teambuilding activities for our employees and their family members. Our goal is to develop a positive relationship with our employees towards the company and foster their interest in company matters.
With more than 200 employees, Ekom is one of the most important employers in the region.

Through our regular donations we provide financial assistance and support to local hospitals, charity foundations, dance, music and sports clubs including:

    • SHK 37 Piestany – extra league ice-hockey club
    • Piestanske Cajky – European basketball league club
    • Slnecnica – folk dance group
    • Usmev ako dar foundation – charity foundation
    • SK Kajak  - watersports club 





    EKOM develops and manufactures reliable high quality products that meet the most demanding expectations of our customers.

    Our quality policy and certified quality system ISO 9001 and ISO13485 place quality at the forefront of our everyday life. Innovative and flexible approach to developing, manufacturing and selling of our products, introducing new technologies and creating individual tailor-made solutions, make Ekom an interesting and professional partner.





    EKOM values its customers, suppliers and partners.

    We build long term and loyal relationships, based on openness, mutual trust and cooperation.









    Planet Earth

    EKOM applies an environmental approach and has a positive relationship towards nature.

    Production of our products is based on ecological principles. It uses oil-free air compression technology and ecological materials that are environmentally friendly. Our products are reliable and durable, and are therefore saving the environment from excessive waste which is generated as a result of contemporary consumerist approaches to quality and reliability.