Robotic Welder

    • High degree of repetitive precision
    • High transfer speed between welding positions,
    • Compact design
    • Highly sensitive contact sensor
    • AX21 control unit with a high-performance processor

    The OTC Daihen welding machine can be used for MIG, MAG and TIG welding and for plasma and laser welding and cutting.
    The control system uses intuitive machine programming and the highest possible levels of control and data monitoring.

    Almega AX - V6L Welding Machine. Equipped with 2 working positions:        

      • Larger work area for welding pieces with a length of up to 4 metres with a weld bead diameter of up to 1400 mm with capacity up to 1 tonne.
      • Smaller work area for automated welding of pieces with lengths up to 1.3 meters with diameter up to 700 mm and capacity up to 500 kg.

      Technical specification

      Technical specificationROBOTEC AX-V6L
      Driver performance5200W
      Repeatability± 0,08 mm
      H-reach1402 mm
      Structurevertical, articulated
      Vertical articulated machine precision welding, MIG, MAG, TIG and WIG
      Welding various materials steel, aluminium, titanium and other metals
      New servo-control system with an advanced acceleration method
      Position senso
      Independent articulated arm

      Kempomat 2500

      Welding equipment

      MIG/MAG welder with modern cooling and the latest directional technology.
      This welder features both coarse and fine adjustment. Smooth welding wire feed speed regulation along with simple welding current settings create the best possible conditions for selecting the correct welding parameters. Induction settings are made depending on the thickness of the welded material. Selecting the correct induction is fast and easy. The timer for spot welding features the 2-stroke and 4-stroke welding, which helps to ease handling of the tongs and increase productivity and the quality of work activities.

      Mastertig AC/DC 958396K

      Welding equipment

      MASTERTIG AC/DC welder - a compact TIG welder using coated electrodes. 
      Welding using alternating and direct welding current.
      Welds all materials.