Membrane dryer

Membrane dryer  is designed for drying of compressed air produced by oil-free compressors. Filter and microfilters  located before dryer ensure higher degree of filtering and condensate to drain.

Advantages of membrane dryer – continuous operation – S1 duty cycle, long lifetime, easy maintenance, light weight, higher degree of filtration (0,3 micron).

  • Membrane dryer MD1 – for compressors DK50-10
  • Membrane dryer MD3 – for compressors DK50 PLUS
  • Membrane dryer MD5 – for compressors DK50 2V
  • Membrane dryer MD6 – for compressors DK50 2V/50
  • Membrane dryer MD8 – for compressors DK50 4VR/50
  • Membrane dryer MD9 – for compressors DK50 2V/110
  • Membrane dryer MD12 – for compressors DK50 2x2V/110



PDF User manual (2,97 MB)
PDF Leaflet (354,01 kB)


technical specificationMD1MD3MD5MD6MD8MD9MD12
for compressorDK50-10DK50 PLUSDK50 2VDK50 2V/50DK50 4VR/50DK50 2V/110DK50 2x2V/110
nominal voltage 230V/50(60)230V/50(60)230V/50(60)230V/50(60)230V/50(60)230V/50(60)230V/50(60)
110V/60Hz  110V/60Hz110V/60Hz  110V/60Hz  110V/60Hz  110V/60Hz  110V/60Hz 
drying capacity at 5 bar 60 lit.min-160 lit.min-1115 lit.min-1120 lit.min-1215 lit.min-1115 lit.min-1215 lit.min-1
degree of drying atmospheric dew point -20°C
operation regimeS1-100%S1-100%S1-100%S1-100%S1-100%S1-100%S1-100%