News 2014

Company Ekom recently upgraded to PTC Windchill PDMLink in addition to PTC Creo already in use.


PTC Windchill PDMLink is a web-based master PDM repository that our designer teams can use to access to current, accurate engineering information from a myriad of sources. It connects to multiple mechanical and electrical CAD applications, teams, and sites, helps to reduce errors and supports product development. With PTC Creo and PTC Windchill together, EKOM has improved efficiencies during development, reduced errors in manufacturing and assembly, become more flexible with partners, organized its data, and smoothly managed change throughout the organization
EKOM has standardized all of its global product development, creating a single information base at all levels of the company.
“Implementing PTC Windchill and PTC Creo helped us to progressively improve product design processes within the organization with no impact on product quality and with lower costs,” says Marian Ondrasik, purchasing and IT manager.